About Us

Dicapella is a congregation of Singapore’s top award-winning dizi (bamboo flute) soloists and is currently the largest bamboo flute ensemble in South-east Asia. Brought together by their passion for the dizi, the ensemble seeks to spread the joy of music through outreach programmes and concerts targeted at introducing the “family” and “relatives” of bamboo flutes.
Dynamic and versatile, the group’s repertoire extends beyond traditional Chinese music, to include jazz, Chinese pop, western classical and English oldies, among others. The youthful group, with an average age of only 19-years-old, has staged several energetic outreach programmes in heartlands that have been well-received.
Founded in 2013 by a group of dizi enthusiasts, Dicapella has grown from strength to strength, achieving new breakthroughs in their music-making, working with winner of the “Singapore Composer Award” Wang Chen Wei, and Ding Yi Music Company’s composer-in-residence Liu Chang.
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